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Why put up with slow, costly test development using 20-year-old technology and processes? We don't.
Welcome to TestToolbox where psychometrics meets technology. We've been waiting for you.

Friends in high places

Our clients include many Fortune 1000 companies. Every customer, large or small, who has ever used our web-based test development tools has found them simple to use yet powerful enough to meet their psychometric needs. Our web-based tools are ideal for remote, distributed, ad hoc teams. Our tools enable our customers, large and small, to collaborate on their projects with experts from anywhere the world.

It's beautifully simple

And simply beautiful. Our users enjoy using TestToolbox not only because it is so functional but also because it is so pleasant to look at and intuitive to use. Using our tools makes psychometrics fun! Your tools don't have to be ugly and complex.

We pride ourselves on creating simple, attractive, and easy-to-use tools. Users typically require very little on-boarding to figure out how things work and are productive within minutes.

You will save time, effort, and money using TestToolbox to develop your exams and it will be beautifully simple to use.

End-to-End Test Development

From start-to-finish, exam development has never been easier for you or your teams. Start with a Job Task Analysis and finish with forms built and published for your delivery vendor.


Always Online

All of our tools are web-based. Collaborate with SMEs from anywhere in the world, any time.

Your Timeline

You are in charge of when things get done. You can work where and when you want.

Greater Value

You get high quality results but without the premium psychometrician rates.

What people think

— Claudia Needham, Certification Program Manager, Brocade